SETTLEMENT SOLUTIONS :: Alternative Dispute Resolution Services Company Contact Information

Antoinette Cheney
Pembroke Square
119 South Main, Suite 700
Memphis, TN 38103.
Phone (901) 522-2323
Welcome to Settlement Solutions. 

Settlement Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing administrative services in West Tennessee for both mediations and arbitrations.

Our neutrals, Rick Rudstrom, Newton Anderson and Betty Ann Milligan, have extensive trial and mediation experience.

We provide personalized service, ease of scheduling and ease of access to its experienced neutrals. The neutrals provide services throughout West Tennessee and conduct sessions in other parts of Tennessee as well.

The panel of neutrals includes professionals with a strong background in civil litigation. They resolve simple to complex cases in metropolitan areas and small communities at reasonable rates.

Settlement Solutions, LLC. is a one-member limited liability company owned solely by Joe G. Riley and provides administrative services only. It is not a referral service. The neutrals are independent contractors; their services are not legal services; and the ordinary protections of the client-lawyer relationship do not apply.

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